Vidyanidhi Rege, Ph.D. (ABD), M.S., CHE, CHA

Vidyanidhi Rege, Ph.D. (ABD), M.S., CHE, CHA
Chair of Commission
Hospitality Management Program
Center for Hospitality and Culinary Studies
Howard Community College
Email: vrege@howardcc.edu

Jeff Lolli

Jeff Lolli, Ed.D., CHE, CHIA
Chair of Commission, Emeritus
Center for Hospitality Management
Widener University
Email: jclolli@widener.edu

Derek Allen

Derek Allen, MBA, CHE
Hospitality Management Department
Sinclair Community College
Email: derek.allen@sinclair.edu

Beverley Bryant

Beverly Bryant, Ph.D.
Hospitality and Tourism Administration,
School of Business
North Carolina Central University
Email: bbryant@nccu.edu

Timothy Colligan, MBA, CHE.
Senior Sales Executive
Strategic Accounts – Hotels, Oracle Hospitality
Adjunct Professor, Howard County Community College
Email: tcolligan@howardcc.edu

Reynaldo Gazzo

Reynaldo Gazzo S. CHE, Coordinator
Administracion de Hoteles y Restaurantes
Program of Hotel & Restaurant Administration
Insituto San Ignacio-San Isidro Campus
Email: rgazzo@isil.pe

Stephanie Hein, ED.d, MBA, CHE
Department Head
Hospitality and Restaurant Administration
Missouri State University
Email: StephanieHein@missouristate.edu

Steve Hood
Senior Vice President
Research and Founding Director
SHARE Center Smith Travel Research (STR)
Email: shood@str.cm

Swathi Ravichandran, Ph.D.

Swathi Ravichandran, Ph.D.
Hospitality Management Program
School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration
Kent State University
Email: sravicha@kent.edu

Elise Scanlon

Elise Scanlon
Elise Scanlon Law Group
Washington, D.C.
Email: Elise.Scanlon@elisescanlonlawgroup.com

Kimberley P. Susbauer, M.Ed.

Kimberley P. Susbauer, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor
Hospitality Management
Cuyahoga Community College
Email: kimberley.susbauer@tri-c.edu