Vidyanidhi Rege, Ph.D. (ABD), M.S., CHE, CHA

Vidyanidhi Rege, Ph.D. (ABD), M.S., CHE, CHA
Chair of Commission

Jeff Lolli

Jeff Lolli, Ed.D., CHE, CHIA
Chair of Commission, Emeritus
Center for Hospitality Management
Widener University
Email: jclolli@widener.edu

Derek Allen

Derek Allen, MBA, CHE
Hospitality Management Department
Sinclair Community College
Email: derek.allen@sinclair.edu

Beverley Bryant

Beverly Bryant, Ph.D.
Hospitality and Tourism Administration,
School of Business
North Carolina Central University
Email: bbryant@nccu.edu

Timothy Colligan, MBA, CHE.
Senior Sales Executive
Strategic Accounts – Hotels, Oracle Hospitality
Adjunct Professor, Howard County Community College
Email: tcolligan@howardcc.edu

Reynaldo Gazzo

Reynaldo Gazzo S. CHE, Coordinator
Administracion de Hoteles y Restaurantes
Program of Hotel & Restaurant Administration
Insituto San Ignacio-San Isidro Campus
Email: rgazzo@isil.pe

Stephanie Hein, ED.d, MBA, CHE
Department Head
Hospitality and Restaurant Administration
Missouri State University
Email: StephanieHein@missouristate.edu

Steve Hood
Senior Vice President
Research and Founding Director
SHARE Center Smith Travel Research (STR)
Email: shood@str.cm

Swathi Ravichandran, Ph.D.

Swathi Ravichandran, Ph.D.
Hospitality Management Program
School of Foundations, Leadership and Administration
Kent State University
Email: sravicha@kent.edu

Elise Scanlon

Elise Scanlon
Elise Scanlon Law Group
Washington, D.C.
Email: Elise.Scanlon@elisescanlonlawgroup.com

Kimberley P. Susbauer, M.Ed.

Kimberley P. Susbauer, M.Ed.
Assistant Professor
Hospitality Management
Cuyahoga Community College
Email: kimberley.susbauer@tri-c.edu