Profile of Accredited Program

School of Hospitality Leadership
College of Management
University of Wisconsin – Stout
415 10th Avenue , HE 443
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751-0790

Degrees Awarded:

BS Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management

The Program must submit an update on the following steps necessary to satisfy the stipulation award conditions. 

This is due by June 15, 2020:

  • Provide all course syllabi to show CLO’s are written in a measurable taxonomy such as Blooms for the appropriate course level. 
  • Show Linkage of course CLOs to PLOs on all syllabi.
  • Provide links to other external material such as the university catalog and internship program material that contains the mission statement.
  • Provide revised program alumni survey and how data collected are being used for program planning. 
  • Create/finalize a comprehensive 3 year assessment plan that utilizes direct and indirect metrics with formative and summative data points.  Program stated a fall 2020 completion date.  The plan to be created for AY 2020-2021 so data collection can begin in the fall. 

This is due by June 15, 2021:

  • The Program must submit the assessment results from AY 2020-2021 along with evidence on how the data is being used to close the loop and to make programmatic changes for AY 2021-2022.