The Joe Perdue Memorial Award – Presented in Grapevine, Texas July 2016

I know many of you knew our friend and colleague Joe Perdue who unfortunately passed away in 2015. Joe held positions as a faculty member at UNLV, University of Tennessee, Auburn University and Georgia State University. He was also very involved with CMAA and held positions such as Director of Education and Vice President.

In additional to all of this, Joe served as a Commissioner for the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Joe is remembered by his fellow commissioners as being a tireless advocate for the accreditation process. He was instrumental in promoting the value of accreditation to schools. Joe was the “behind the scenes” person, not looking for personal recognition, but rather continually worked to improve hospitality education.

The ACPHA Commission decided to develop an award to honor Joe’s memory and his work with accreditation. The first recipient of this award embodies the spirit of this award. He has been involved with ACPHA since its inception and has served in multiple capacities from a pre-visit consultant to site team member and chair, and ultimately chair of the Commission. In fact, he is still doing work this fall even after he just retired in June. It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first recipient of this annual award is Dr. John Mahoney of Widener University. Unfortunately, John was not available to be with us today. I would like to ask Dr. Debbie Cannon from Georgia State University to come up and accept this award on his behalf.

(Present for the award in photo, left to right, are Jeff Lolli, ACPHA Chair, Dr. Mokie Steiskal, ICHRIE Board and Dr. Debby Cannon)

The award read:

2016 Joe Perdue Award
Presented to
John Mahoney, Ph.D.
For his countless efforts and contributions
to ACPHA and for being a tireless advocate
for the value of accreditation to Hospitality
and Tourism Administration Programs