Profile of Accredited Program

Culinary Arts & Hospitality Department
Delgado Community College
Room 101, Building 11
615 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119

Degrees Awarded:

  • AAS Hospitality Management

The Commission wishes to note that the Program provided evidence of compliance with both key elements VII a. and VII f. in the Students Service Standard area as per the Site Team Report. Additionally the Program did an outstanding job of providing evidence of compliance of all other key elements in the nine standard areas.

Program Student Profile

Program Enrollment – Major3 Years Ago
2 Years Ago
1 Year Ago
Number of Students10510392
Number of Graduates5 AAS14 AAS11 AAS
12 CTS
96 CTC
Student/Faculty Ratio35:134:130:1
Retention Rate % – Freshmen to Sophomore (for all Programs)44.9%41.9%51.2%
% Students employed in the hospitality industry or a related field within 90 days after83%95%56%
% Students continuing their education within 90 days after graduation N/A50%54%
Total Professional Placement and Continuing Education RateN/A145%110%