Profile of Accredited Program

Program of Hotel and Restaurant Administration
Instituto San Ignacio de Loyola
Av. Salaverry 2625 San Isidro
Lima, Peru

Degrees Awarded:

  • Technical Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Services Administration
  • Technical Bachelor’s in Administration in Tourist Operations

While the Program provided a detailed action plan to address the deficiencies noted in the Team Report (i.e. Key Elements IV a, IV e, V a, V b, V c, and VII f),  the Program has opted not to start work on the action plan until August 2021 with a final completion date scheduled for October 2022.

The Program is asked to provide a response and the documentation addressing the issues as noted below. This response should be sent to the ACPHA offices by June 15, 2022 for review and action at the 2022 Summer Commission Meeting.  The following must be submitted by June 15, 2022:

  • A curriculum map depicting where all ACPHA required content areas are introduced, emphasized, and reinforced in the associate degree program. Additionally, course syllabi should be provided for areas that were deficient during the team’s review.
  • Course syllabi for all courses offered. Each course should include Course Learning Outcomes linked to Program Learning Outcomes.
  • A comprehensive assessment plan that includes:
    • Metrics that are appropriate for assessing student performance at the Program level rather than specific courses.
    • Established benchmarks used to evaluate student performance.
    • Direct and indirect measures for each Program Learning Outcome.
    • Formative and summative measures for each Program Learning Outcome.
    • Initial results for the newly implemented assessment plan.
    • A link to the Program’s updated landing page, which should include the Program’s:
      • Mission Statement
      • Program Learning Outcomes
      • Professional Placement Rate (as reported on ACPHA student profile)
      • Student Retention Data (as reported on ACPHA student profile)
        Additional links should include:
        • Faculty Profiles
        • Curricular Offerings
        • Academic Policies

Program Student Profile

Academic Years:   2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

  Undergraduate Enrollment – Major3 Years Ago2 Years Ago1 Year Ago
Number of Students202316991393
Number of Graduates15715172
Student/Faculty Ratio17.43:126.96:121.43:1
Retention Rate % – Freshmen to Sophomore (for all Programs)85.25%86.15%86.3%
% Students employed in the hospitality industry or a related field within 90 days afterN/AN/AN/A
% Students continuing their education within 90 days after graduation N/AN/AN/A