Profile of Accredited Program

The Hospitality & Tourism Management Program
The White Lodging Center for Hospitality & Tourism Management
Purdue University Northwest
2200-160th Street
Hammond, IN 46323

Degrees Awarded:

  • BS Hospitality and Tourism Management

As requested in the March 2021 Continuation Letter evidence was provided, as noted to demonstrate compliance with Key Elements in the Curriculum standard area. The evidence provided showed progress towards all four key elements in the Assurance of Student Learning Standard area; however, this standard area is still not fully compliant. The Program is using the Task Stream program for assessing their PLOs which is completely acceptable; however, the Program is assessing the same two PLOs every year (two of the five stated PLOs as stated on the website) with the same direct and indirect metrics and the formative and summative measurement tools to collect the data used for assessment. The reports provided show that all metrics were met and there was no need to utilize the data for programmatic improvement and to close the assessment loop. This demonstrates that the Program is beginning to understand assessment of PLOs. The Program has made significant progress in the non-compliant key elements and is moving in the right direction on these PLOs.

In light of this finding the Commission requests a report be submitted before December 15, 2021 for review at the Winter 2022 Commission Meeting:

  • Using the Task Steam Software or on the ACPHA Template, provide a full and complete three year (AY 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024) Assessment Plan. Since all ACPHA programs will be required to assess the newly prescribed PLOs, the faculty should work collaboratively to create a curriculum map that connects the Program’s courses with the five ACPHA PLOs. Once this is completed, the faculty can then develop the Assessment Plan.
  • This plan should assess all five ACPHA PLOs over the course of the three AY years noted. The plan should include direct and indirect metrics and formative and summative measurement tools to collect the data to evaluate achievement of established metrics used for assessment. The plan should demonstrate the use of multiple data points (formative and summative) and different metrics (indirect and direct) throughout the three year plan. This new Assessment Plan should be submitted along with evidence of data collected from the Fall 2021 semester and how that data is used to close the loop from the developed assessment plan.

Program Student Profile

Academic Years:   2017-2018    2018-2019    2019-2020

  Undergraduate Enrollment – Major3 Years Ago2 Years Ago1 Year Ago
Number of Students235235237
Number of Graduates454847
Student/Faculty Ratio17:119:114:1
Retention Rate % – Freshmen to Sophomore (for all Programs)68.8%73.5%69.6%
% Students employed in the hospitality industry or a related field within 90 days afterN/AN/AN/A
% Students continuing their education within 90 days after graduation N/AN/AN/A