Profile of Accredited Program

Center for Experience Management in Tourism and Hospitality
School of Business Administration
Widener University
One University Place
Chester, PA 19013

Degrees Awarded:

  • BS in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Program Student Profile

Academic Years:   2018-2019    2019-2020    2020-2021

Undergraduate Enrollment – Major3 Years Ago 2018-192 Years Ago 2019-201 Year Ago 2020-2021
Number of Students523418
Number of Graduates181511  
Student/Faculty Ratio17:117:19:1
Retention Rate % – Freshmen to Sophomore (for all Programs)75%N/AN/A1
% Students employed in the hospitality industry or a related field within 90 days after graduation (Calculate by dividing the number of students employed in industry or related field by the total students graduating in the major for that year.) *100%80%82%
% Students continuing their education within 90 days after graduation (Calculate by dividing the number of students going on for their education by the total students graduating in the major for that year) *0%13%18%
Total Professional Placement and Continuing Education Rate100%93%100%
*New Requirement Field –All grads (Aug., Dec., & May) should be considered in the academic year. For example, Aug. 2017, Dec. 2017, and May 2018 would be used as data for the 2017-18 academic   
   1: Note applicable as there were no Tourism and Hospitality Freshman brought in starting fall 2019 since the major was eliminated.