Commission Action Definitions

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ACPHA Accreditation Actions

The decision on accreditation rests with the ACPHA Commission. The following actions are available to the Commission. Any action other than a Grant of Accreditation cannot exceed one year from the date of the original action. 

Grant of Accreditation
This action indicates that the Program has no significant deficiencies.

Grant of Accreditation with Stipulation:
The Program has established that it meets all, or practically all, of the Standards at a minimum level and has a strong proposal in place to meet the Standards at a significant level of compliance for accreditation.

The Commission may defer any action on an application for accreditation (initial or renewal) or substantive change if additional information is required for the program to demonstrate compliance with the Standards of Accreditation or other accreditation requirements.

For those seeking initial accreditation, this action indicates that the Program does not meet ACPHA standards.