The Joe Perdue Memorial Award


Joe Perdue

Joe Perdue held positions as a faculty member at UNLV, University of Tennessee, Auburn University and Georgia State University. He was also very involved with Club Managers Association of America (CMAA) and held positions such as Director of Education and Vice President.

In addition to all of this, Joe served as a Commissioner for the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration. Joe is remembered by his fellow commissioners as being a tireless advocate for the accreditation process. He was instrumental in promoting the value of accreditation to schools. Joe was the “behind the scenes” person, not looking for personal recognition, but rather continually worked to improve hospitality education. When Joe passed away in 2015, the ACPHA Commission decided to develop an award to honor Joe’s memory and his work with accreditation.

John Purdue Memorial Award

Note: Due to the pandemic and cancellation of the “in-person” 2021 ICHRIE Summer Conference, the ACPHA Commission will not present the award this year. We are hoping to get back on schedule with the 2022 Conference.

margaret steiskal

2019 Awardee-Dr. Margaret “Mokie” Steiskal

Dr. Margaret “Mokie” Steiskal, Chairperson Emeritus at Columbus State Community College, was presented the award during the 2019 ICHRIE Conference in New Orleans, LA.
Dr. Steiskal served as the first Chair of the Commission on Accreditation of Hospitality Management Programs (CAHM), which later merged with ACPHA. From that point forward she served on numerous site visits as both chair and team member. She also found time to serve as President of ICHRIE for two separate terms of office in addition to serving as the one time Chair of the ACF Commission.

This award serves as a visible acknowledgment of her years of service to ACPHA.

Lynn Huffman

2018 Awardee-Dr. Lynn Huffman

Actively involved in ACPHA since its inception and instrumental in helping to organize during the initial planning and development meetings. Her institution, Texas Tech University, was proud to be among one of the first to seek initial accreditation in 1993.

Over the past twenty five years she has served 12 years as a Commissioner and several terms as Vice Chair of the Commission. She has been a team member on numerable accreditation visits and has chaired over 15 site visits. In addition, she continues to serve as a valued consultant to schools planning accreditation applications and for programs needing assistance to meet commission requirements.

This award serves as a visible acknowledgement of her years of service to ACPHA.


2017 Awardee-Mr. John Drysdale

From the very beginning of ACPHA, and then CAHM, he was instrumental in shaping these organizations into the professional and fiscally responsible agency it became. Without his vision and diligence during the separation of the two Commissions from CHRIE they would not have become the viable organization we are today.

He was a true pioneer on the committee that developed the original CAHM standards and served on the first CAHM commission, he contributed to the self-study format, the team report, and many processes that were required at the inception of this accreditation body. It is often said that he kept everyone on track, recognizing the importance to the commitment of accreditation.


2016 Awardee-Dr. John Mahoney

The first recipient of the award embodied the spirit of the awards purpose. He was involved with ACPHA since its inception and had served in multiple capacities from a pre-visit consultant to site team member and chair, and ultimately chair of the Commission. In fact, he is still doing work for ACPHA even after his retirement from Widener University in June 2016.

The award was presented for his countless efforts and contributions to ACPHA and for being a tireless advocate for the value of accreditation to Hospitality and Tourism Administration Programs to every program he visited or was involved with over the course of his career.